Mine Games
by Mel Laurila

Everyone is playing the Mine Games. But who’s just a pawn, and who are the masterminds?

Jim Thomas and his partner in Wolverine Ventures, Alan Larsson, have just undertaken their greatest investment to date: the acquisition of the old Wolverine Mine. Within the mine are veins of a copper-silver alloy of great worth. They just have one problem: Who will fund their venture? When the bank turns them down, Elizabeth MacIntyre breezes into their lives, offering a deal they can’t refuse. An heiress to her father’s famously successful mining company, Elizabeth is beautiful, smart, and determined. And it seems she’s set her sights on more than just the investment.

Jim finds himself needing to spend more and more time away from home so he can oversee the mining operation and achieve his dream. Soon his marriage becomes strained, and tensions are high. Caught up with the pressures of business and family, Jim succumbs to Elizabeth’s advances one night but decides it won’t happen again.

Jim is determined to stick to his plan: make the venture successful then take his money and live a life of luxury with his wife and kids. But his best-laid plans go awry when on the opening day of the mine, three people are killed in a cave-in, including Alan. When a buyout offer is made within days of the accident, Jim suspects something is going on, and he’ll stop at nothing to uncover it.

As finding Alan’s murderer and unraveling the mystery becomes an obsession for Jim, life as Jim knew it begins to crumble around him. Will Jim prove himself a player in the Mine Games, or will he ultimately be nothing more than a pawn in someone else’s game? Join the game to find out.

When the owners of the Wolverine Mine find out a deadly “accident” was actually sabotage and then discover they are now in partnership with the saboteur who is making them millions, what do they do?”